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  • Rice Bowl Thai and Chinese Restaurant
    shivam says..
    I would rate it below average. service, ambience n all is good but thats not y u go to a restaurant. Food is below average. i have been there only a few times, an every time food was way below my expectations. Quantity is on lower side, taste below average and very oil. I am not a health freak or anything, but too much oil in chinese gravy doesn't taste good. Hong kong is a much better option.
  • HongKong Chinese Restaurant
    shivam says..
    i first visited this place when i was in 3rd standard (i.e 1995), and it still is the best chinese restaurant in town. I still visit this place atleast once whenever i am home. It used to be a very small dingy restaurant with some 8-10 small tables, but now its almost twice as big, and they totally deserve it. The have reduced the menu to a selective range of dishes as compared to before but the quality still remains the same even after so many years. My favourite order here has always been hong kong spl ckn soup and hot garlic chilli ckn with fried rice. Too bad on account of ebeedu to stop delivery from this place.
  • Pind Balluchi
    Ishita18 says..
    The restaurant is on 3rd floor of DB City Mall and you will not have a problem in locating it at all. The ambiance is quite good, theme of an authentic punjabi village The service is good. They go out of their way. They smile they are polite. They are kind. They bring everything quickly and it is hot. I especially love the Tandoori Aloo and Dahi De Kabab there. And, in main course, the Pindi Choley is the best thing that i like over here.
  • Frespresso
    Jayant Sharma says..
    I went there last week with a group of around five people and loved it at the first sight. The colorful glass work, the funky color of the sofas, the outdoor set up...I loved it and also had a great time. Surprisingly I found it economical too. It had to be our lucky day we loved everything specially their Pizza's and Coffee. The sandwiches could have been better. Only thing they need to improve upon: - Training the staff (which is a problem all over Bhopal) I went their on a weekend, around 9 at a quiet day. I guess my liking has also to do with a relatively cooler day. And I have a feeling the place looks more beautiful in the evening as compared to daylight.
  • Nirulas @ DB Mall
    Deepti says..
    The only Nirula's branch to be consistent, still. I usually go there just for the All American Banana Split, Nutty Buddy or Hot Chocolate Fudge (or HCF as we call it) The three things are absolutely out of this world and a true foodie knows everything about Nirula's and HCF. The food is excellent for fast food. Every time i leave this place, i have calories in my stomach and a big wide smile on my face.
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